The Juicery !!

Found my self at this bar style juicery that provide Fresh on the counter with a twist in all their offerings.

Called “Crudo Juicery” having 2 outlets in DLF Phase 3 and 4 in Gurgaon, it appears that they intend to target the Health Conscious finding a healty alternative for sugary sodas.

Had the “Citrus Blast“ Cold Pressed Juice as per the suggestion from behind the counter from their interesting menu that included Protein Shakes, Salads and Healthy Wraps.

Actually got the Citrus Punch down that throat that consisted of the combination of Egyptian Oranges, Pineapple, Strawberry and Thai Basil and Tender Coconut Water.

Whether it actually had all that can be debated but it sure as hell wasn’t just oranges. It was refreshing to say the least. It somewhat lacked the factor of “ I would definitely Come back with my friends” and also for gym goes its a tad expensive for them to visit frequently.

Taste : 5/10

Ambience : 7/10

Staff : 6/10

Price : 5/10

To a healthier world.


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