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All for Tikki’s

BTW – Bitoo Tikki Waala is the best.

Their Flagship Tikki (OMG) will make you wanna have more. Probably the best Tikki you’ll ever have in your whole life.

My whole Family just loves it and i have been having this since my childhood.

I have even heard stories from my Mom and Dad how they used to have their Tikki’s when BTW was just a small Stall on the streets of Rani Bagh and the owner used to personally sell them (Back then also it used to be packed with People).

So BTW is quite special for me.

Food : 9/10

Ambience : 7/10

Price : 8/10

Staff : 7/10


Day at the Cafe Coffee !!

Went for my Haircut at Rohini and afterwards landed up at City Centre Rohini.

At the Ground floor there was this Hustling Cafe Coffee Day in all its glory. Since i was hit with the cold, I ordered a Green Tea Cup while my friend ordered Cool Blue Fruiteezers. 

The hot water came along with their proprietory Roosh Green Fuso Tea Bag. It brewed perfectly and had this fresh taste to it with less of the pungency that comes with the green tea.

Here’s a fun fact. Cafe Coffee Day has 199 outlets in Delh NCR alone.(Crazy Right !)

Taste : 7/10

Ambience : 7/10

Price : 6/10

Felt better afterwards. 

The Juicery !!

Found my self at this bar style juicery that provide Fresh on the counter with a twist in all their offerings.

Called “Crudo Juicery” having 2 outlets in DLF Phase 3 and 4 in Gurgaon, it appears that they intend to target the Health Conscious finding a healty alternative for sugary sodas.

Had the “Citrus Blast“ Cold Pressed Juice as per the suggestion from behind the counter from their interesting menu that included Protein Shakes, Salads and Healthy Wraps.

Actually got the Citrus Punch down that throat that consisted of the combination of Egyptian Oranges, Pineapple, Strawberry and Thai Basil and Tender Coconut Water.

Whether it actually had all that can be debated but it sure as hell wasn’t just oranges. It was refreshing to say the least. It somewhat lacked the factor of “ I would definitely Come back with my friends” and also for gym goes its a tad expensive for them to visit frequently.

Taste : 5/10

Ambience : 7/10

Staff : 6/10

Price : 5/10

To a healthier world.

Hey emoi tuk-tuk!!

Food trucks and ice cream trucks are not a recent phenomenon but surely is becoming talk of the town in gurgaon.

Having their outlets at Noida, Saket, Rajouri Garden and Cyberhub and providing unique flavours of Ice Creams in two forms of Sticks and Scoops, they intend to re-design the ice cream trucks idea.

Delicious Coffee flavoured Stick named Paw-fee because of its apparent Paw shape and Matcha ( Green Tea Flavoured ) was what we bought (me and my Cousin – also a food blogger ).

The Paw-fee was mildly sweet with a good flavour of Coffee and an intersting shape obvoiusly.

For Health concious, try the Green Tea Flavoured Matcha which had a hint of Green Tea and a creamy aftertaste. A must try though.

Taste : 7/10

Ambience : N/A ( its a truck !! )

Price : 7/10

Ice Cream trucks. Here you come !! 

Mumbai’s Vada Pav

The famous Vada Pav of Mumbai and moreover from Ashok Vada Pav located near Kirti College.

Hot and Crispy, Spicy with a hint of sweet and most fulfilling Desi Burgers.

Hitting a trip to mumbai and not enjoying this wont be justified given my appetite and curiousity.  
A vada pav and cutting chai is sometimes all you want from the evening. Vada pav for ₹20 and Chai for ₹10. Ah!

Price : 8/10

Staff : 8/10

Staff (bhaiya) : 8/10

Thank you mumbai.

The Wedding Buffet

What would you expect from a restaurant with a name Band Baaja Baraat . A proper india wedding Buffet and the ambience as well. 
Just by sitting and looking at The whole place you can make out that it is built keeping that concept in mind and they have accomolished something to say the least

₹549 for Veg Buffet Lunch and ₹599 for Non Veg Buffet Lunch seemed to be quite reasonable considering the plethora of food options available.

Ranging for Mutton Seekhs, Tandoori Chicken, Hot saucy wings, Chilli Fried Corns  to Butter Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Dal Makhni, Tandoori Paneer Masala, it was love at first bite.

To really look forwars to was Palak Patta Chaat, Gol Gappe Chaat and Shahi Tukda in Desserts which were quite nice and fresh.

Red sauce pasta and Veg kebabs needed improvement with the Kokum Drink and Malali chicken.

The ambience was a bit too noisy and the staff was actually very lousy and unpolite.

On some food it took off really well and really deserves a must go to place but considering as a whole package it just counts an an Buffet Place with great theme, catchy name and above average food.

Price : 6/10

Food : 4/10

Ambience : 4/10

Staff : 4/10

Look out for amazing variety of Mouth Freshners. 

I got Goosebumped.

Scorching heat in the month of May in Delhi and the perfect solution to that is Ice Cream.

A new coming of the age modern Ice Cream Parlour in Rajouri Garden with a crowd pleaser name “Goosebumps”

“Nutella Nutella” shake and “Double Trouble” Waffle Ice Cream seemed to be the way to get a taste of this place and I was not disappointed.

Loved both of them. Double Trouble was Chocolate ice cream with between two Waffle cone and covered with liquid chocolate and topped with chocochips and almonds. You would be surprised to find so much when you dig into that sweetness.

Nutella shake was just as you would expect from any nutella shake. Not bad, just good.

The ambience was a bit Restaurant-ish for an ice cream place and the staff was pleasantly friendly. 

Double Trouble for ₹200. Nutella Nutella for ₹120.

Price: 6/10

Ambience: 6.5/10

Food: 7/10

Would be visiting soon to try “Bubble Gum”