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All for Tikki’s

BTW – Bitoo Tikki Waala is the best.

Their Flagship Tikki (OMG) will make you wanna have more. Probably the best Tikki you’ll ever have in your whole life.

My whole Family just loves it and i have been having this since my childhood.

I have even heard stories from my Mom and Dad how they used to have their Tikki’s when BTW was just a small Stall on the streets of Rani Bagh and the owner used to personally sell them (Back then also it used to be packed with People).

So BTW is quite special for me.

Food : 9/10

Ambience : 7/10

Price : 8/10

Staff : 7/10


Midnight Delights

Good one !!!


You go out to celebrate New Year Eve and stop to Have Pan.

Exactly what i did at HoriLal Pan Punjabi Bag just at Starting of the Club Road (Fancy Name Right ?) with the Intense Chocolate Pan

It was Cruncy Both from inside and outside and this Classic Pan Flavour giving a Punch to the Chocolate.

Had this for ₹50 . You can also try the Chocolate Pan at Odeon Pan waala CP,if you are just feeling “Pan Crazy ” (Ha!)

Food : 7/10

Staff : 8/10 (the person gave me into my car)

Pocket Friendly : 7/10

A must try if you ever visit Punjabi Bagh Club Road.

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