Good Breakfast

Whatsup People !

You know the day when you are late for office in the morning and decide to skip breakfast to reach office on time. 

Well happened the same to me and intead found myself having Breakfast at Au Bon Pain in CyberHub.

Went there for the first time after my friends suggestion. They have amazing Breakfast Menu to choose from. Decided to go for Toasted Bagel with Butter, Vada Pav and Greek Yoghurt topped with Banana and Granola.

Toasted Bagel with Butter costing ₹59 tasted to me just like Indian Bread Butter the only difference there being the Bagel was harder from outside and had a crunch. Me growing up eating Bread Butter, i just loved it.

Vada Pav was very good. Vada was soft and the Pav was crunchy and spicy reminding you of the taste of Fun Flips Salted Flavour (Weird Maybe). Had it for ₹59 also.I would go there again to have this, thats how good it was.

And the Yoghurt was refreshing with good bites of banana and Granola. Price was ₹99.

Ambience : 7/10

Food : 8/10

Staff : 8/10

Price : 7/10

A must go to place. Everything fresh and delivers what it promises, Great Food.


The Winter Sin

Welcome to my first Post,

Everybody would relate to the time when we want an Ice cream in that Chilling Weather just because we want it. Well that’s what exactly came over me when i had that Gianis Classic Chocolate Shake.

Located in the Heart of Dwarka, Sector 7 had this one for Rs.100 (Excl. taxes). I was the only one there so the Delivery was Quick. Cant really talk about the ambiance because it was a pretty small outlet. And the Staff was fairly friendly.

But I thought that after some point of time it was too sweet to carry on. Ideally it would be perfect for someone to share it with also having some of their’s. (Ha!).

Overall a satisfying experience to say the least.