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I got Goosebumped.

Scorching heat in the month of May in Delhi and the perfect solution to that is Ice Cream.

A new coming of the age modern Ice Cream Parlour in Rajouri Garden with a crowd pleaser name “Goosebumps”

“Nutella Nutella” shake and “Double Trouble” Waffle Ice Cream seemed to be the way to get a taste of this place and I was not disappointed.

Loved both of them. Double Trouble was Chocolate ice cream with between two Waffle cone and covered with liquid chocolate and topped with chocochips and almonds. You would be surprised to find so much when you dig into that sweetness.

Nutella shake was just as you would expect from any nutella shake. Not bad, just good.

The ambience was a bit Restaurant-ish for an ice cream place and the staff was pleasantly friendly. 

Double Trouble for ₹200. Nutella Nutella for ₹120.

Price: 6/10

Ambience: 6.5/10

Food: 7/10

Would be visiting soon to try “Bubble Gum”


Frappuccino Fiesta

Starbucks is known for its Expensive Coffee given in their Fancy Coffee Holder and amazing Service.

Starbucks is also does very well with their Frappuccino’s which i dont know whether people know about them or not.

Had this amazing Mocha Frappuccino at CyberHub Outlet Gurgaon with this luscious ( Yes the right word !) Top Cream and the rest Chocolaty Drink.

Ambience : Needless to say 8/10 Very Good

Staff: 8/10

Pocket Friendly : 5/10

Food : 8/10

Have this Drink on the go and you would not be disappointed ! 

Midnight Delights

You go out to celebrate New Year Eve and stop to Have Pan.

Exactly what i did at HoriLal Pan Punjabi Bag just at Starting of the Club Road (Fancy Name Right ?) with the Intense Chocolate Pan

It was Cruncy Both from inside and outside and this Classic Pan Flavour giving a Punch to the Chocolate.

Had this for ₹50 . You can also try the Chocolate Pan at Odeon Pan waala CP,if you are just feeling “Pan Crazy ” (Ha!)

Food : 7/10

Staff : 8/10 (the person gave me into my car)

Pocket Friendly : 7/10

A must try if you ever visit Punjabi Bagh Club Road.

The Winter Sin

Welcome to my first Post,

Everybody would relate to the time when we want an Ice cream in that Chilling Weather just because we want it. Well that’s what exactly came over me when i had that Gianis Classic Chocolate Shake.

Located in the Heart of Dwarka, Sector 7 had this one for Rs.100 (Excl. taxes). I was the only one there so the Delivery was Quick. Cant really talk about the ambiance because it was a pretty small outlet. And the Staff was fairly friendly.

But I thought that after some point of time it was too sweet to carry on. Ideally it would be perfect for someone to share it with also having some of their’s. (Ha!).

Overall a satisfying experience to say the least.